Friday, January 07, 2005

What Weekend?

The company I am attached to has Thursday and Friday off because those are the local weekend days, however I am quickly beginning to realize that because these people don't have anyone here to go home to, or worse yet a real home to go home to they work all week. I'm not digging it. I get at least twenty calls a day of Thursday and Friday. I don't even get that many on the normal work days! I LIKE MY DAYS OFF!!! I have been putting in like 16 hour days every since my equipment got here any way. I need and want my time.

Thursday I woke up to Revel's Ballero... That's my ring tone. It was my platoon sergeant, and he started out the way you never want to here a conversation start on a day off, "I got bad news man". It was to. Seems the company I am attached to pulled an okay Doke on us. We had to sign for a 5-ton truck from another platoon so we could use it to pick up some of our equipment. That was Wednesday night, the last day of the week..... So I thought. Well now, Thursday morning it seems that exact truck happens to be over due for it's services and they have to be done right now. Since we signed for the truck it's our responsibility to ensure the services are completed, so I have to wake up two of my guys and tell them they have to go to the motor pool and do the services on the truck. Yes it was over due before we signed for it.

That's not the worst of it. Turns out due to the severe mistreatment of the truck one of the tires is ruined and must be replaced. I don't know if any of you have ever changed the tire on a 5-ton, but it's no fun. It has to be torn apart to get it off. Then the new one isn't much easier to put on. After working on that truck from around 0830 to after 1600 and not finishing it the motor pool decided to call it a day. "We'll pick this back up on Saturday" (the equivalent of Monday). IF IT DIDN'T HAVE TO BE FINISHED ON THURSDAY THEN WHY DID I HAVE TO GET MY GUYS UP ON THEIR DAY OFF!!!!!! I am gonna have problems out here. I don't deal well wih stupidity or getting the short end of the stick, and it seems both portions are going to be in abundance out here.

Just to add insult to injury, I was holding an E-7 or Sergeant First Class position as the Tri-Band team chief. That is one of the reasons I chose to go back to this company after working in the S-3 for over a year. The company commander out here has seen fit to give my position (that he doesn't own) to the guy that he made our platoon sergeant. The reason he did that is because on paper our platoon doesn't really exist so he had to create a slot to justify having the platoon sergeant with us. Nothing against him he is a good guy, but he can't do my job, so now I get to do all the work of the E-7 slot I was supposed to be holding but get none of the credit. Looks like it's really gonna be another great trip to the sand box.


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How is the non-existent NonCom in the Non-existent platoon doing. Got over your mad yet ?

It will be ok, your MaMa told you life is a bitch...

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Papa Ray
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