Monday, January 24, 2005

Mixed Feelings

Joyce and Reid will be returning home soon. They have been at her mom's since shortly after I left. Every time I have been deployed she has gone home to her mom's and while I have very little problem with her going home to mamma so to speak, every time she does there is controversy of some sort. Joyce and her mom always, it never fails, begin to get on each other's nerves and butt heads. I guess that is normal for an adult child returning to the nest. It's hard to accept your mother's incite and rules when you have been living on your own for any given amount of time. As well it is hard to accept the fact that your child is now an adult and just might be equipped to make decisions for themselves. In fact often times that person takes offense to the other's "suggestions".

I have a hard time hearing about the arguments and the bickering, especially when it has to do with how my wife and I have decided to raise our son. Frankly it's our decision and if you disagree with us.... Well um, tough. I don't care. We'll get over it. It's still going to go our way. Get it? On the other hand now Joyce is going to be back home a thousand miles away from both of our families and I am going to worry about her. My company doesn't have the best record for support of it's deployed soldier's families. Joyce has a hard time being alone and I don't blame her. Also, because I have been gone so much and with the high rate of change over in the unit she does not have many friends back there. We have been trying to get Reid involved in a play group with some of the other soldier's kids so that will help and there are a few people back there that we have begun to build couple type relationships with, but when half of one of the couples isn't there often times those relationships are well, broken.

When Joyce was working things weren't as tough. She had friends there and had something to do during the day, but Reid makes that rough to. Might just have to bite the bullet and put him in day care. I'm for it even if it only works out that Joyce working just pays for the day care. At least she gets out of the house and interacts with other adults. We just want to be sure he doesn't get some "bent" provider that damages our most valuable possession. Why does it have to be so hard to care for the people we love the most? I wouldn't change anything about either of them, I'd just like to see them more, be there to kiss Reid's owies and go to sleep with Joyce in my arms every night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey bro. Just catching up on the stories over there. If joyce needs anything tell her to send me a email or somethng. I know i'm in missouri now, but i know what its like been there before with you. I'm still on leave. do you need anything? hit me back @

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your writing is so real and personal- it tends to touch me. From the time my Fly Guy was in Iraq and you were overseas- to now when he is about to go on a 2-3 year tour- you hit the issues I am going through.

Peace to you-
Dena. :)

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