Thursday, January 27, 2005

"No Secondary Load on the Wash Rack!"

Washing trucks to send them back to the rear is generally a pretty simple operation. You request a wash rack. You wash the trucks. You have customs inspect them for cleanliness and you send them back. Not any more.

It's nothing new for unimportant, weak people to get a little bit of responsibility and turn their little piece of the pie into the most pain in the butt operation imaginable. That's what has happened here. It is nothing new for the Army to ship equipment in the back of trucks to it's final destination. We have been doing it that way for years, and frankly it is the only way for many units to ship it's peripheral equipment. Well apparently the staff sergeant in charge of the wash rack where I am has single handedly changed that for the entire Army. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

There is no secondary load allowed on "his" wash rack...At all. So if you need to ship equipment somewhere in your vehicle you are just plain out of luck. Well I am not the kind of person to tolerate stupidity or to kiss any one's butt. I simply never have and I'm sure not going to start with a staff sergeant who doesn't even out rank me.

Here's the whole story. It all started when we rolled all of our trucks on to the wash rack to begin cleaning them to send them back. The customs inspectors had told us that we had to have all secondary loads on the trucks when they inspected them before they left the wash rack. When I asked them how we were supposed to do that when we had to wash the trucks I was told that we would have to download the load, wash the trucks and reload them. Ok, execute. Everything was going just fine. We had all of our loads downloaded and were in the process of washing the trucks when the staff sergeant of the army walked past me on his cell phone and pointed to our stuff that was stacked neatly out of anyone's way and said " get that s*&t off of "my" wash rack right now." He then proceeded to walk on by ignoring me as if his job was done. Not wise.

Being as bull headed as I am I disregarded the order of this man who doesn't out rank me. He at least owed me the courtesy of explaining his stupid request. He did not. We continued as if he had said nothing to me at all. About fifteen minutes or so later he walked back by and pointed to my stuff and asked me why it was not yet off of "his" wash rack. When I began to try to explain to him what the customs inspectors had instructed us to do he interrupted me and began as if he was a two year old to shake his head and repeat "no secondary load on "my" wash rack". After about, literally 30 seconds of this my patience was gone. Not that I have that much to spare. "Are you gonna shut up and let me talk sarge, or are you gonna continue to act like a child?" Needless to say he wasn't pleased with my reference to his maturity level and even more needlessly to say I didn't care.

Now he decided to bypass me and went straight up to one of my specialists standing close by and ordered him to get the stuff off of "his" wash rack. Now I am seeing pure red. Who does this idiot think he is? I immediately ordered Spc. Smiley to "stand fast" meaning don't even think about executing this idiot's order. The staff sergeant of the Army then spun on me as if he wanted to fight saying "if you don't get this stuff off of my wash rack I am going to have your whole operation removed from "my" wash rack right now." I proceeded to tell him that was fine then he could tell the Brigadier General who ordered the return of this equipment why it didn't get on the plane.

He stepped back and called his boss on his cell phone. I took the opportunity to call mine as well since it appeared I was going to need back up on this. When his boss showed up and mine showed up they managed to come to a legitimate compromise which was all I wanted to do, and our stuff got washed and inspected and we went on our merry way. All this idiot needed to do was talk to me instead of acting like a little brat and we would have never had to get anyone else involved. I hope I never become so unreasonable with anyone about anything.


Blogger On the Breeze said...

What a tiresome little man. 8-) Why don't you go back to tell him I said so.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He sounds like one of those big civil service dopes straight out of Catch 22. I work for an idiot like that actually, and i'm not even in the army. a lot of people are just STUPID and there is nothing the rest of us can do about it (G-damnit!)

11:29 PM  

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