Thursday, April 07, 2005

A Day Off!

I hope everyone like my new page format. I do. It is much easier to modify. I have never been one to sit and write in HTML and this one is easier to do that in than the last one. Thus the change.

I'm off today! Can you believe it? A day off. I got back to my "personnel storage area" last night about 1am and almost immediately fell asleep. Joyce can attest to how immediate, immediate really is, and I didn't wake up until Wil came barging into our Pod at around 11:30am! It was wonderful. Almost immediately I got a phone call from the XO in the company I am attached to and he needed to see me in his office. Now that that is over I am in my office checking my email and writing this post.

My deployment here is already almost over. It really doesn't seem like we have been here as long as we have. When we come out of system somewhere around the end of this month we will have a couple of days rest before we head out for our big deployment culminating exercise, and then it is only a matter of weeks until I get to hold my son and wife again! Our replacement team should start trickling in any time. It will be nice to have them here so far in advance. We will get to give them a much better hand shake than we got from the previous team. The poor handshake from them was no fault of theirs however. My unit is notorious for piss poor planning and they only gave us an overlap of about five days with them. Nowhere near enough. They made a valiant effort however and did a much better job with the time we were given than anyone should have expected, but I think you all know how that works.

I have made some really good friends out here and strengthened some older friendships so the deployment for me was a success. I hope my guys got something out of it all. I know I have watched several of them grow up a lot, and some I have watched stagnate, but that is to be expected to.

One more day off and then it's back to the rat race. I'm gonna enjoy my time and even go to church again tomorrow!


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