Monday, April 04, 2005

A whacked Couple of Days

It was several days ago now and I meant to write about it sooner, but you read the title of this post so you get the idea. I got to see my son and my wife in "real time". I bought a Web Cam out here and we had a mini video tele conference over yahoo messenger. What a joy that was. Joyce said that when Reid saw me on the monitor he smiled and said "Ohhhhhh, Daddy!" He then began to wave at me. Talk about getting choked up! I was wondering if he would even remember me when I get home. We talked for about an hour and he showed me his new and favorite toys and his new "Cheese" face. I guess when you tell him to say cheese to a camera he scrunches up his face and gets this big cheesy grin. It is really cute.

The next morning my guys and I got issued a bunch of new equipment that I for one desperately needed. We got new boots, a new helmet, and some more really high speed gear. I needed the boots like you wouldn't believe. One of my pairs of desert boots are going on five years old and are well past the point of broken in and well into the broken down stage. Which means I only had one pair that I could really wear, and any one that has been in the military and had to wear these combat boots can attest to the fact that if you can't rotate your boots your feet can get really ugly really fast. I was starting to have a really hard time keeping my feet in good shape because of that. Now I have two more pair that are in great shape and a lot better than my others were even when they were new.

Well when that morning ended so did the "good times". Since then I have been working my butt off and had very little time to myself. I usually call Joyce everyday and talk to her for a half an hour or so. She has only gotten 10 minutes of my time in the last three days and it is starting to get to me that I am not getting to talk to her. Partially because the last time I talked to her I had to tell her that the rumor she had heard about us coming home early was just that, and that I would be coming home exactly when I was originally scheduled to. She didn't take it to well, as she never does when this happens, and yes it happens every time. You would think she would get used to this. I try to keep her shielded from the rumors, but some how I always fail, she gets her hopes up and I have to crush them. Yeah.

I have gotten so tired that this morning I slept right through my alarm and didn't wake up until an hour and fourty three minutes past when I wanted to get up so I could call Joyce before I had to get on the road for the fourth time in three days. Needless to say I didn't get to talk to her again. I was doing laundry after I got off work (four hours after my shift was over) the night before last and luckily there was no one in the laundry room so I got my stuff straight into the washers. The washing part went off without a hitch and by about 12:45am I had my stuff in dyers. I sat on the floor by one of my dryers and started day dreaming about going home and where Joyce and I are going to go on vacation when I get back. Then I woke up...Literally. I had fallen asleep with my head against the wall. It was 03:20 in the morning and my laundry was well past done. I groggily gathered up my clothes and wandered back to the bay where I sleep, set my alarm for 06:30, and slipped off into another couple hours of uncomfortable deployment sleep so that I could be semi rested to start another wonderful deployment day in less than four hours.

Hopefully I will be able to get myself and my guys some time off soon. We have all been working at least twelve hours a day, some of us much more for going on three weeks and we are all getting really worn thin. At least time is passing fast.


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