Sunday, January 30, 2005

Promotions and Moving

Today has been a very busy but good day. It started off great promoting a motivated young soldier who has a lot of potential. We are still carrying over the high we got from moving yesterday. We did all of our vehicle maintenance so I was able to give most of the guys the majority of the day off.

PV2 "B" is a self motivated young soldier. Many who come straight out of AIT are. Too many fall by the way side however by meeting other soldiers that have fallen by the way side long ago and became lazy, unmotivated, unproductive soldiers. "B" truly deserved his promotion to Private First Class today. His team chief is a fast trackin' NCO that has a lot of self motivation himself so "B" has a good opportunity to learn from a good example and stay on the right track.

We moved from one open bay to another yesterday, but this one is ours! We each got to move the beds and wall lockers around to make our own private little spaces. We also get to lock the door when we leave for work so we don't have to worry about our stuff while we are gone, and oh yes that is a real concern with all of the turn over of units. Stuff can disappear in an instant. We are all still in basically one big room together but the wall lockers make pretty good partitions and it almost feels like we have our own rooms. Some of our "rooms" turned out so nice in fact that the guys are beginning to ask if we have to move into the little storage compartments, and in fact I would like to stay in the bay as well because it is easier to disseminate information to a group that all lives in the same place.

Last but not least I have to write about one of my favorite guys. PV2 Mangina has been bothering me to write about him ever since he found out I was writing a BLOG, so here you go buddy. He is such a funny guy, he keeps us all laughing and I'm sure he will find his way in here several times before the end of the deployment for legitimate reasons, but at least now he might leave me alone about it for a while.


Blogger Shar said...

Congrats on getting your own space, thats a biggee!
Sounds like you work with some great guys.

take care

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