Sunday, April 17, 2005

Friendly Fire

When you have been working your butt off to try to please everyone and succeed at your job, the last ting you want is to have someone from "your side" stab you in the back. My guys and I have spent over three months busting our butts to get this package up to speed. We have had to deal with everything from equipment failures, to incorrect and insufficient information to install our circuits. We have met every test and passed with flying colors, but these knuckle heads that we are supporting seem to be out to get us, and now it seems that the OIC (officer in charge) that has been placed over us is working for the other team!

We have repaired all of the faulty equipment, built spares of anything that we could possibly build spares of, helped get all of the information for the installation of our circuits straight and helped engineer the network. Most of this is above and beyond what the guys of this package should be expected to do, nevermind even know how to do. How have we been repayed? They made us tear everything down and start over for time. Nevermind that the equipment that we are supporting still hasn't gotten their stuff straight or that us tearing down will impede their progress, just execute. So we did. They gave us 24 hours from the time we rolled on to site to have our site set up and all circuits reinstalled. I knew my guys could do it, even though apparently these "evaluators" who really had no idea how to evaluate us because they don't even know what we do didn't think we could do it. Well not only did we do it, we beet the allotted time by....12 HOURS!!! You would think there would be some kind of congratulations in order. Not the case. They gigged us for having our generators too close to the shelters. Well I tried to explain to them that the area that we had to work in did not allow for us to put them as far away as they were supposed to be. Didn't matter. Then they gigged us for not having everyone in the same uniform. The guys that were setting up the antenna had their helmets on and the rest of us did not. This is strictly for safety, because they were dealing with large metal objects that were overhead and there is the danger of possible head injury. Regardless how nit picky can you be?

About three weeks have gone by since the evaluation and I guess Chief (Our OIC) was bored so he asked a buddy from his unit to do him a favor and come out and check out our grounding. This guy shows up on site one day and starts looking around and taking pictures of our grounding. He found some deficiencies of course. There is always room for improvement. If we were perfect every time would any of us really be in the Army? So this guy leaves and tells me he will email chief a report of his findings and suggestions for improvement. I thought that was very nice and helpful of him. Well this nice and helpful guy, then wrote up this monster report making us out to be incompetent idiots, and sent it to everyone in our chain of concern all the way up to our first general officer! oh yeah but didn't bother to send anything to us. Now they people who have wanted us to fail since the beginning are all in a buzz with the new fuel they were just supplied by none other than our very own OIC. I'm sure glad this guy isn't in my unit back in the rear.

I can't wait until this mission is over and I can leave all of these backstabbing petty people here in their wonderful little desert paradise to bicker and backstab among themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck, lad. Sounds like the military I had experience with. There are always some officers who have too much spare time and want to improve the quality of their soldiers while still sticking to all rules that might not quite apply in a real life situation.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Papa Ray said...


Just look on all this crap as a learning experience.

Believe me you will need it when you get back in the civilian world.

Thats all they have and all they do.

Papa Ray
West Texas

2:51 PM  
Blogger Mr Bob said...

ah yes you have some true leaders there. True leadership means pointing out everythign that others are doing wrong, after the fact..oh brother.
I feel for you man, hang in there and keep doing your best thats all you can do.

10:12 AM  
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