Sunday, April 10, 2005

Losing Weight Like Crazy

In June of 1993 there was a fairly long haired 18 year old kid who was graduating high school and ready to move on to bigger and better things. He stood just over six feet tall, but only weighed about a hundred and twenty pounds. People were forever asking him if he had a tape worm, or if he had been sick when he was a kid. He really did look skinny. He WAS skinny. Yes that kid was me. Who would have thought that I would ever weigh about one hundred and eighty five pounds (which I know is by no means large) and be worrying about my weight. Not that I think I am fat, but the extra weight does make it harder to perform well on your PT tests.

When I joined the Army I weighed a whopping one hundred and twenty five pounds. I was so light in fact that the recruiter had me drink as much of a gallon of water as I could on the ride from Yuba City to the Mepps station in Sacramento. Let me just say that I had no problem performing when it came time for the urinanalysis. As a matter of fact I was begging for it. Can you imagine trying to duck walk with an over full bladder. OUCH!!! Since then it has been a constant struggle for me to try and gain weight just so I didn't feel so much like a walking toothpick. When I left Germany I weighed one hundred sixty five pounds and was in the best shape of my life (I still hated running). When I left to come out here this time I weighed between one eighty five and one ninety, and was by no means in the best shape of my life. In fact when the platoon sergeant they put over us out here met me he asked if I was a chunky kid growing up, because of the weight I carry in my face. "ME? Really, are you talking to ME?"

I have cut back on the junk food. As a matter of fact I have cut back on food period. Really I am eating one good meal a day and a couple of snacks or light meals through out. I know that is a dieter's night mare, but you have to remember I was a hundred and twenty five pound twenty two year old... I don't sweat that stuff too much. I really hadn't even been thinking about my weight until the other day I ran into a girl that I went through AIT (Advanced Individual Training, It's where you learn your job after basic) with. The first thing she said to me was, "Wow! You look totally different." I wasn't sure how to take that but my response was, "Yeah I guess sixty five pounds will do that to a person."

But having been thinking about my weight since then I have noticed I am much skinnier again. I had to get a larger size pants before I came out here, because the four sets of DCU (Desert camouflage Uniform) pants I had gotten four years ago at Huachuca were getting a little/lot small through the waist, AKA Gut. I went from a Medium Regular to a Large Regular. For those non-Army types, the first size is for gerth and the second is for height. So I came out with two Large Regulars and two Medium Regulars because I couldn't get them both exchanged at once. To my surprise this morning, my Large Regulars felt really loose around the waist, so I put on a set of my Medium Regulars. THEY WERE LOOSE TO! Uh oh. I am not trying to get back to the bean pole days. I checked my belt and the bend of my normal wear was about an inch and a half farther across the skinny side of the buckle.

I made a comment about my double chin to my wife today, but I guess if I keep going the way I am I won't have to worry about that either. At least I'll be thinner than I am used to for the PT test tomorrow.


Blogger Papa Ray said...


Good work, but don't overdo it, your body will defend itself and you will be wanting to eat everything in sight. Moderation in all things.

Well, allmost all things.

Papa Ray
West Texas

9:03 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

.. in all things, including moderation.

Too funny to hear you talkin about losing weight now, bro. But good for you =)

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey thor--did anybody ever lay this bit of knowledge on you? your body produces Human Growth Hormone [ HGH] from conception until about age 25. it kicks in when you need to go to sleep, and it runs around pulling calories out of fat and stored carbo's and using them to build or repair-- muscle, bone, etc. but at 25, that job is done. you're all grown up. the pituitary shuts off the HGH production and suddenly there's no a lot for all those calories to do, so usually your weight shoots up. maybe you've heard the expression " get married; get fat: same thing". it's happened to everyone i know when they hit 25. IF they aren't prepared for the change and keep eating like they used to, they gain a lotta weight. It's ALWAYS a good idea to make the healthy foods the center of your menu and scrap the junky stuff first or leave it for last. even if you wanna gain weight, don't go the junk route. always go for the protein, the complex carbs, the fruit and vegetable and fiber, and hydration first. always leave the refined sugar, white flour, and solid fats for very last or never. think about what animals eat in the wild and eat like them. then you can't go wrong. the only time in my life i found myself craving fure fat was during a two week cold snap of 20� below zero continuously with no letup. i ate a stick of butter and that did it. never happened again. i needed the heating fuel to have something to burn to keep warm, and that was ALL. if you aren't in the freezing arctic, then you only need liquid oils.
think of yourself as a jet. you run it on jet fuel, right? not on common gas pump junk. always go for the highest quality food available. the less humans have done to it since the creater mde it, the better it serves your needs.-----------------janet in venice

11:13 AM  
Anonymous King Randy (or just "Fatty") said...

Dude, I am not buying that for one second. ESPECIALLY, the way you dogged me about MY weight. So, the next time you feel bad about your weight, just think of your fat friend, living in Germany (or Hell).

Also, you need to let me know if you are coming through here on your way out.

2:49 AM  
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4:06 AM  
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