Sunday, May 01, 2005

Hot Situation in a Hot Country

My guys and I are out on our mission now and set up in system, again. Things have not gone all that well again either. It seems we have been set up for failure since day one. Each time we have managed to over come all of the bad situations they have managed to put us in, but we are still faced with all of the bad publicity that seems to come with the bad situations.

Before we came out here we had to break down our last site, wash all of our trucks, recover all of our equipment and load back up in trucks in one day. Then they split our equipment into two sections that were supposed to arrive in the operational area on separate days. Well when we got here, because we had to pack so much equipment in such haste (no one else had such a tight time line) we found that there were some critical pieces of equipment in some of the trucks that were not arriving for several more days!

Of course all of the equipment that we got out here without that we needed came down on us, and some of the blame is ours, but what they have to realize is that when I am not afforded the time to even check my guys loads once that there are very likely going to be mistakes. I am a fairly competent NCO but when you tie anyone's hands behind their backs it becomes very difficult for them to perform miracles.

We have managed to duct tape and bubble gum a lot of things. We always seem to make the best of what ever situation we are put in, but it would be nice to just have things go well for once. Keeping our fingers crossed.

We have managed to keep our spirits high in spite of the circumstances. A little less than two months left as long as things don't change, again.


Blogger Papa Ray said...


Its going to be Murphy's day when ever he decides it to be. All you can do is try and plan for that.

Even then, he still can throw in surpises.

He loves the Military.

Papa Ray
West Texas

3:56 PM  

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