Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Careful is the Key

Dark had fallen and a dust storm was rising. I knew visibility was going to deteriorate quickly so I began to get nervous. I was alone, and I felt it. The rocks under my feet made a crunching sound that pierced the night and gave my position away with every step as I made my way through the small lighted buildings. As the dust storm intensified the light from the buildings and pale moon became less and less effective.

After two maybe three minutes of walking throughout the rocks I was at the corner of the last building. I had nearly made it to my destination with out encountering any hostiles. As I peaked out around the corner it looked clear, but how could I be sure with the limited visibility? I couldn't just stand there speculating as to the safety of the situation. I just had to go.

I made my move around the corner and was on my way. So far so good. The rocks began to crunch a little louder as my feet began to shuffle more quickly with my rising anticipation level. Right as I got to the steps of the building I had to get to, the lights of one of the hostiles began to loom from down the street, but it was too late I had already made it.

Once inside I knew exactly where I had left it. I reached down inside my duffel and pulled out my reflective belt. As I strapped it around my waist I knew my trip back to the recreation area would be safe. Certainly no car could hit me with this thing on.

Sound stupid? Ya, I thought so to. We are a couple of days into our current mission and this portion is on an Air Force base. The Commander here makes everyone wear reflective belts after the hours of darkness. The apparent reason is too many airmen have been hit by cars out here. Come on now. I am sure these people were either wearing headphones while running (which is not authorized) or doing something else stupid. It sucks that someone got hit by a car, but it really was probably from their own negligence. Do they really think these shiney belts are gonna help?


Anonymous Joyce said...

You'd think you were busy or something!!! You haven't written in a week! Hop to it!

6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah we want updates bro! Keep yer chin up and then get yer arse back here soon! :o)


3:23 PM  

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