Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Home Stretch

We are back on our "home" camp from our mission, that was a booming success, and it actually feels great to be back. We got to unwind for a few days and now we are right back in the swing of things. The new LT that we got has created a "super team" out of my team and Bunk's team. They should be really well prepared for what ever comes their way after I leave. A couple of my guys are not thrilled about having to stay, but they are happy about the extra money.

I didn't realize how much work it is actually going to take to get out of here. I kind of miss the days when I was more of a pee on and wasn't really responsible for anything. This time I have to sign over responsibility for two different transmission systems, a data package and all the peripheral equipment as well as write to Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Reports for the two NCOs from my team that are staying. I will actually enjoy writing these up as I have enjoyed working with these two.

I need to get all of my guys a current PT test and a weapons qualification before I can get anybody out of here so my projected fly date may be falling backwards, but I gotta take care of these guys first. As I get closer and closer to being home it becomes harder and harder to think of anything else, but I know I have to stay focused on the now and just look forward to the later. In any case I am down to weeks and not months anymore, so I am excited!


Blogger Chris said...

Sweet mama. Get home soon, bro.

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