Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Return to the Sand Box

A week later I still can't shake the feeling of being here before... Of course that's because I have. Things haven't changed all that much, not that I really expected them to, and I have managed to obtain my third helping of the "Kuwaiti Krud". That's the semi permanent head cold you are issued upon arrival to Kuwait. There is so much smoke, and dirt and God knows what else in the air over here that you get a perpetual headache with cold like symptoms that never seem to go away. The smoke stacks near the camp that the guys lovingly call the "Scud Goal Posts" constantly spew their effervescence loveliness into the air and thus into our lungs.

I am back to living with scores of other guys, all within double arm interval of each other, but hopefully that will end soon, as me and my guys are semi-permanent and should be moving into small dismounted storage bins called "Pods". That's how we rate. We live in storage bins, and what's worse we are grateful for the storage bins. Should we all get checked?

I am a sports game fanatic and have been absolutely absorbed by ESPN's NFL 2K5, that is until I let one of my guys get my XBox out of my wall locker the other day because as the package NCOIC I had more work to do and they all wanted to play. I can't say for sure who did it but one of the knuckle heads apparently didn't know that XBox's aren't dual voltage. Man you should see what 220 volts does to a circuit board that is meant only for 110 volts. Circuit boards for instance have all kinds of little doo-hikees on them that I guess could be described as all different sorts of people. You have your little fat guys which most of the time are your Capacitors and your copper haired guys that are your Coils, etc, etc. Well when you feed them too much electricity they get sick and what happens when people get sick? Often times they throw up. Well that's what these guys did. All over themselves and each other. Not sure what they had been eating, but the vomit came out all white, foamy and dried really hard. Did it stink you ask? Like nothing you could imagine unless you have smelled a capacitor or like device throw up before. Oh well guess it will be a while until I get my 2K5 fix.

The wife is handling my recent departure fairly well I guess, considering I left 6 days before Christmas. The offspring is not handling it so well. He has taken to throwing himself on the floor and banging his head on the ground in fits of rage, and STUBBORN. Let me tell you, he might be the most bull headed little two and a half footer I have ever met. How do you explain to a little man that can't even speak very well yet that his dad is defending his country and won't be home for about six months? Oh well, at least someday maybe I can tell him my story and he will be proud to have me as his daddy.