Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Homeward Bound

It is getting closer and closer to the time I am supposed to leave and I am getting more and more excited. Not only because I will be home for Father's day and my anniversary, or because I will get to play hide and go seek with my son or Halo2 with my wife, but because I GET TO LEAVE THIS GOD FORSAKEN PLACE AND ALL OF THE IDIOTS OVER HERE! My only regret is that I have to leave some of my guys to augment the team that came in to replace us. Some of them wanted to stay,but some of them REALLY didn't. Sorry guys.

As my fourth tour in this region comes to a close I feel very blessed and fortunate to have spent twenty six months here and never been shot at (unless you count SCUDs) and to have never seen many of the horrible things that too many of my brothers in arms have. I have never seen a personal friend die in combat. I have never seen children or women die in combat zones. I have never had to take the life of my enemy. I am thankful for all of that and so much more.

I realize that many of the guys that are truly forward and have seen and experienced all of the things I mentioned above still look at guys like me with disdain and to a point I can understand that, but let me just say that we do not choose our assignments. At least I did not, and I would have gone forward and executed to the best of my ability and done my best to serve my country to the extent that it needed me to. As I said before I feel very fortunate for the assignments I received. I hold the highest respect for those Soldiers, Marines, Airmen and Navy Personnel that went forward into the truly horrible areas of this war and fought valiantly to sustain our way of life and take liberty to those less fortunate.

To the Mothers, Fathers, Husbands, Wives, Sons, Daughters, Brothers, Sisters and Friends who have lost loved ones in this war I am honored to serve in the same military force as the loved ones you've lost and could never hope to thank you or them enough for the sacrifices you and they have made, but I hope my simple thank you brings a momentary smile and a fond memory.

Thank You.